Custom Design Process

Custom Design Process

Over 25 plus years of designing fine luxury jewelry with an emphasis on bridal engagement rings. We draw inspiration from your ideas to make your personalized custom jewelry creation that will be cherished for generations. Wether you have old out dated jewelry to repurpose or just want a truly one of a kind or that special piece unique to you. We can help with your concepts from start to finish.

CAD - Computer Aided Design

Expert CAD design with over 17 years experience to create jewelry "correct" models that are created with the finishing, setting and manufacturing ability in mind. As a bench jeweler of over 25 years, cad is an extension of my wax carving, design, bench work and stone setting skills. This is a rarity in these days of cad operators who know how to operate the program yet have little or no jewelry making experience. What you get, beautifuyl finished jewelry renders to convey to you the design properly, Screen captures of dimensions, stone sizes, metal weights for estimation purposes, CAD model ready for 3D printing, casting and setting.

3D Printing

We 3D print your custom design model utilizing one of the highest resolution systems in the jewelry industry. Our prints are created from a resin that we love to paint in your desired metal. Set stones in place to show you exactly how the ring will look. Upon your approval we go to the next step casting into precious metal of your choice.

Jewelry Casting

Gold, Silver and Bronze. Professional casting onsight. Platinum casting done by High Pressure and High temperature by a specialized facility that ensures the most durable platinum jewelry possible. we focus on small run castings that allow for attention to detail.

Our Jewelers

We are a one stop solution to your custom design needs. Your pieces go from Sketch , design, CAD modeling and render, 3D Printing, Cast and final polish with expert stone setting and finishing. All done on site by our talented team.