Ocean Crawler


Ocean Crawler is an American watchmaking company that specializes in self-winding and automatic mechanical watches. The designs have aesthetics that express nostalgic sophistication, but are built for contemporary adventurists with an active lifestyle.

With an aim to produce high quality, high end watches - Ocean Crawler focuses on reliability, durability, accuracy, and style. Our watches are not simply display pieces but built to be enjoyed in any situation.

Ocean Crawler watches are built to withstand extreme environments and have to pass ten different shock tests before being released. The most severe is the high impact hammer test. This shock testing equipment submits the watch to an impact equivalent to 6,000 G - Hundreds of times more than a car crash test. Yet the watch has to remain unharmed and fully functional afterwards, maintaining a high standard of accuracy.



Tockr™ is a small but mighty American brand that has cultivated an authentic DNA and significant marketplace recognition in its relatively short lifetime. Through unique and quality products and valuable partnerships with groups like the Commemorative Airforce, Neiman Marcus, and the Battleship of Texas Foundation, Tockr has made its mark on the industry.

Since launch in 2017, the founding partners and investors have invested significant time and capital to plow new ground and create valuable and significant brand equity from scratch. This brand equity has laid the foundation for an exciting future for the brand through new product development and unique partnerships that will enable Tockr to be extremely competitive in the luxury product marketplace.


Bottle the flow of time - World's first concave crystal watch

The wine watch by Sablier is the only timepiece ever made with a patented concave sapphire crystal, showing a marriage of wine, time, and ergonomic design.

Our seconds, minutes, and hours cannot be regained once gone; they are not owned or bought. But they can be used wisely. When treasured memories define moments in time, they make the passing of days and years a thing of beauty. Doing what you wish with who you wish, in the moment—that is a luxury that stretches far beyond the sprawling mansion or dazzling yacht. The freedom to take charge of one’s time, rather than be ruled by it, is more valuable than any symbol of wealth.

Informed by this thoughtful perspective, as well as the belief that a simple, elegant, and comfortable timepiece is the ultimate accessory, our wine-inspired watches invite the wearer to embrace and engage in the here and now.



Delma has proudly operated as a family owned watch company producing high quality, sophisticated watches for nearly a century.Our history inspires us and motivates our continuous innovation.